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Our Technology

Step 1: Source

At ImpacFat, our fish cells are sustainably sourced from different species worldwide.

Step 2: Nurture 

Our fish cells are grown in a controlled environment to become healthy fat cells that are high in omega 3.

Step 3: Indulge

Our healthy fat cells are collected and served as a highly delectable dish.

Our Impact

On you

We design our products with you on our mind. Our fish fat contains high levels of healthy fats such as omega-3, which protects you from heart diseases. It is also free of genetic modifications, antibiotics, pesticides, microplastic, and mercury.

On animals

Traditionally, animals are grown to be slaughtered for consumption. At ImpacFat, we do not slaughter fishes for the production of our fish fats. Fish cells are obtained by needle biopsy and we aim to create a sustainable supply of fish stem cells to feed the world.

On the environment

Food production is one of the main contributors of greenhouse gas emission and global warming. To preserve our environment, ImpacFat produces tasty and healthy fish fat with high energy efficiency and low greenhouse gas emission. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is cultivated fish fat created? 

First, we sourced for premium fishes from different parts of the world. Next, we collected a small amount of meat to isolate stem cells. These stem cells are grown in a clean and nutrient-rich environment, and matured into healthy fat cells. Finally, the fat cells are harvested in bulk for consumption.

2. Why are we making cultivated fish fat?

Traditional methods of food production are facing food security and sustainability issues. It is projected that current food production will not be sufficient to meet the global nutritional needs in 2050. Further, meat production is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emission and global warming. 

In contrast, we produce cultivated fish fat using fish stem cells that can grow continuously to generate a sustainable source of food. Instead of growing the entire animal, we produce only the edible portion of fish, which contribute to higher nutrient use efficiency and faster production time. Further, our process is environmentally friendly as it produces less greenhouse gas than the traditional methods.

3. Why did we produce fats from fishes, instead of other animals? 

Fishes are an excellent source of healthy fats such as unsaturated fats, which are associated with reducing the risk of heart diseases. In contrast, land animals contain a higher percentage of saturated fats, which are associated with higher risk of heart diseases.

4. What is the nutritional composition or health benefits of our cultivated fish fats?

Our cultivated fish fat is high in nutritional value, it contains high levels of healthy fats i.e. omega-3 fatty acids. As compared to wild-caught bluefin tuna, our cultivated fish fat contains higher levels of omega-3. In other words, you can consume a lesser amount of our cultivated fish fat to meet the recommended nutritional requirement of 250 mg of omega-3 per day. 

Furthermore, our fish fat is free of mercury, microplastic and bacterial contamination, which are commonly present in many wild-caught fishes.

5. When will ImpacFat be available in the market?

We are currently in our R&D phase and would expect to bring our healthy and tasty fish fat to your dining table by 2024.

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