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Did anyone catch our managing director, Mandy Hon, on CNA? As Singapore strengthens its position as a global business hub, worldwide economic connectivity becomes a key factor in ensuring that businesses are making their intended impacts.  As most of you know, Singapore's "30 by 30" initiative puts a strong focus on sustainable future of food. With this big goal in mind, many agrifood tech companies like us are working hard to improve and innovate consistently. 

Tune in to listen about what support the industry needs, to deliver our full potential to the world 🌎. 



Grand Finalist at The Liveability Challenge 2022

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Winner of Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit pitch day 2022

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Accelerators & Incubators 

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Big Idea Ventures Cohort 6


Creative Destruction Lab

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Innovate360 22/23 Cohort

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Permacolony by Audacity 2021 Cohort

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Hatch Blue 

2021 Cohort

Recent Events

Cells to Plate: World's first cultivated fat unveiled 

ImpacFat introduced our cell-based fish fat at the Big Idea Ventures Demo Day showcase on the 1st of December, 2022.  The World’s first ever cell-based fish fat presents a tasty and nutritious way to add a rich mouthfeel to alternative proteins, globally. ImpacFat held a tasting session at the event for selected participants, which was granted by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). 

The tasting session was held at Big Idea Ventures’ 6th Demo Day, taking place at the Singapore’s National Gallery. Participants from various companies that are big players in the alternative protein industry attended the event. Our tasting session consisted of a storytelling session “Cells to Plate'' alongside food preparation done by our team at ImpacFat with assistance of a professional chef. We hope that through this experience, we were able to present to you our cell-based fish fat and emphasise the importance of fat in the cultivated food industry. 

ImpacFat tasting session participants-3
ImpacFat tasting session group+chef screen
ImpacFat booth group photo-2
ImpacFat booth salmon from top
ImpacFat tasting session group front
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