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Catch of Jan/Feb 2023: Sustainable Food Camp 2023 and being featured on CNA INSIGHT

Our team went to the Sustainable Food Camp 2023 held in Malaysia and met various partners and collaborators. From start-ups working in plant based proteins to insect proteins, it was interesting to understand their technologies. There were companies with relevant businesses where we may find mutual benefits.

Discussing the future of food through multiple round tables made us wonder about the possibilities to come.

Notable mention of these two months, being featured on CNA Insight 2022/23! ImpacFat was part of Insight's S1E39: Are We Running Out Of Fish?

This episode discusses the implications of climate change on the fishing industry. The fishing industry faces issues such as overfishing. Disruptive fishing practices such as trawling are detrimental to the environment and can greatly affect subsistence fishers.

With the global average consumption of seafood per person reaching 20.5kg in 2019, it is only expected to increase further. To meet the demands, land-based prawn/fish farming practises have been adopted and are able to produce higher yields of seafood at a much more controlled environment. This reduces minimal damage to the ecosystem of the sea.

However, technological advancements and environmental concerns have pushed the research industry to tackles these issues. Hence, the rise of alternative protein industry was seen booming throughout these years.

It was mentioned in the episode that the gap in the industry was to supplement nutrition to the existing/future alternative proteins. ImpacFat was mentioned as the company working to close that gap.

Hear more from Founder Shigeki Sugii in this snippet:

Catch the full episode here: (ImpacFat appears from ~39:00)

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