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Catch of July/August

ImpacFat was featured in the One-north stories - an A*StartCentral podcast series. Where our founder and managing director - Dr. Shigeki and Mandy was invited to share their experiences throughout their start-up journey. In the podcast series, they talked about how ImpacFat was founded and the key challenges that we faced.

"I have been working on fat research for over 20 years and I realised that fat is good, even necessary for health. But only the negative aspects of fat have been emphasised. So my long term research goal has been to make people aware of the good side of fat!" - Dr. Shigeki Sugii

"Something really different about the pursuit of ImpacFat is that this is more B2B and upstream, we are creating something very innovative and novel. My past entrepreneurial experiences were much more B2C, speaking to customers directly. With that being said, I aim to connect both experiences together in the future, to also understand customers as well." - Mandy Hon


As part of the Space-F incubator Batch 4, our team took part in the Incubator Demo Day 2023, which was held in Bangkok-Thailand. Alongside 9 other featured start-ups, we presented our cutting-edge food technology solutions that are revolutionising the global food industry. From this event, we continued to share with the attendees about our goal and technology.


Some upcoming events where you can catch us include:

  • The Good Food Conference 2023 (Sep 18-20)

Join our founder, Dr. Shigeki, as he will be one of the speakers in the session "Innovative alternative fat ingredients".

  • 2nd Cultivated Protein & Fermentation conference 2023 (Sep 19-20)

Join our managing director - Mandy and our research advisor/co-founder - Dr. Lamony as they will be talking more about cultivated fish fat and its applications.

Email if you would like to meet one of us!

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