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Catch of Mar/Apr 2023: ImpacFat's global adventures

We're almost reaching towards one third of the year. March and April have been fruitful months for ImpacFat, from travelling to Paris and San Francisco.

To start off, we went to Paris for Hello tomorrow, which is a Global Summit event that brings together start-ups and companies all over the world. This deep tech network allows for new solutions to be formed through human connections.

Our managing director, Mandy Hon, was invited as a panelist for “Asia Pacific’s innovation landscape and opportunity”.

"ImpacFat is a cultivated fish fat company based in Singapore. While we are working hard in Singapore, we know that there are many other deep tech startups are working hard in another part of the world as well. Programmes like Hello Tomorrow are very important for us to connect with other parts of the world, connect our research findings and technology, grow and strive together. Sustainable efforts should be done together as a whole in the industry instead of individually, and I deeply believe that only through connections and collaborations with other startups can we create a bigger impact on the world. Events like this also connect us to a lot of deep tech investors that can help and accelerate our growth as startups require strong support from the people who believe in us, and this is really important for all the startups." - Mandy Hon, ImpacFat's Managing Director.

Our managing director, Mandy Hon (4th from left), as panelist for “Asia Pacific’s innovation landscape and opportunity”, during Hello Tomorrow 2023.

After Paris, we went to San Francisco for Future Food-Tech 2023 which brought together world leading players in the alternative protein industry.

"Future Food-Tech 2023 allowed us to meet potential investors, collaborators and future customers worldwide. We met companies mainly based in USA and Europe. Through connecting with these various like-minded people, it was a good platform to put ImpacFat out there for more people in the world to see. After talking to many alternative meat companies, they are indeed actively looking for alternative fat to supplement in their products. Looking at the global landscape, we have plans to also apply for FDA approval through the new connections made during Future Food-Tech 2023." - Cheryl Wong, ImpacFat's Food Scientist and Product Lead.

Mandy Hon and Cheryl Wong at Future Food Tech 2023 start (5th and 6th from left).

Finally, ImpacFat was invited to Innovate360 Demo Day in conjunction with Local Farm Festival 2023. This event allowed ImpacFat to interact with our local community on a much more personal level, which was an enlightening experience.

"Innovate 360, or rather The Local Farm Festival, was a very meaningful event for ImpacFat and the entire food ecosystem. The event raised awareness and created huge publicity for our local farmers and food producers. It was heartwarming to see many families and students supporting the event and buying vegetables, milk, and many more local produce.

ImpacFat aims to be a local food manufacturer by producing healthy and sustainable cultivated fish fats. Personally, I am delighted to meet many visitors who look forward to tasting our products soon. I am glad that our local community is generally interested and supportive of cultivated fish fats. This fruitful experience will motivate our team to expedite our product development!" - Lamony Chew, ImpacFat's Research Advisor.

Mandy Hon pitching at Innovate360's Demo Day 2023 in conjunction with Local Farm

ImpacFat team at Innovate360's Demo Day 2023 in conjunction with Local Farm Festival.

We are reaching towards half of 2023 and so far, the past 4 months have been exciting for ImpacFat. Trips to various parts of the world allows us to learn more about what we can do to help bridge gaps of the alternative protein industry!

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